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Do's & Dont's for Event Rentals

  • Make sure that you thoroughly read all contract or rental agreements before signing. There are often rules and additional fee information described in the contract that is very important.

  • Ensure that you measure the area where the bounce house will be set up before you reserve it. And don't forget to measure the height also. Most yards have low hanging tree limbs that could get in the way and damage the equipment.

  • Double check that all pet excrement has been removed from the path and the area where the bouncy will be located. Additional fees may be applied for this extra cleaning service.

  • Do not leave children unattended in any inflatable. There should always be adult supervision at all times.

  • Each inflatable has a maximum occupancy that the NBF associate will communicate with you. It is important that you adhere to this so that participants will not get injured.

  • It is highly recommended that smaller children not be allowed in the inflatable while larger and older children are jumping as this can be dangerous. Allow each group separate times to enjoy the inflatable.

  • Do not allow participants in any bounce house, slide, combo, or obstacle course with shoes or any other type of footwear.

  • Do not allow participants in any inflatable with sharp objects on their clothes or in their pockets. Items like pens, belt buckles, and toys can cause puncture holes to the inflatable.

  • Do not allow participant in any inflatable with drinks, candy, gum or lollipops. They could easily choke or poke one another in the eye while jumping and playing. Chemicals in these items, most specifically silly string, can cause PERMANENT damage to the bounce house and could cause significant additional charges to be applied up to $500.00.

  • Do not allow pets in the inflatable. Their nails can permanently damage the bounce material.

  • Do not put water on a 'DRY' Slide. This could cause extreme damage to the bounce and cause additional fees to be applied.

  • Do not choose an area for a bounce house that is more than 50 - 75 feet away from adequate power. Electricity degrades over distance, so to ensure proper inflation, it is critical to remain reasonably close to a power source. If your party is at a park, be sure to ensure that power is available. Only use the electrical cord that was provided by Nuthin But Fun.

  • Under no circumstances is the customer allowed to move the inflatable once it is set up. If the customer would like the inflatable moved, they need to contact Nuthin But Fun, and one of our associates will move it for you for an additional fee. If the customer moves the inflatable, you will be charged an additional $200.00.

  • For slides, we recommend that participants only go down the slide feet first and one at a time. Participants should not congregate at the top of the slide. Participants should not jump from the top of the slide, nor should any participants be pushed down the slide, as this could cause launching and possible injury. The customer is not allowed to put any material on the slide that will make it slipperier.

  • If winds in excess of 20-mph, it will be the renter's responsibility to shut down the inflatable until winds subside. NBF will also call to instruct the renter to shut down the inflatable.

  • If it stars to rain, it is the customers responsibility to shut off the blower to the inflatable. Once the weather conditions improve, the customer can turn the blower back on, wipe down the inflatable, and continue to enjoy!

  • An NBF associate will do a pre-inspection checklist with all customers to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition before the customer takes possession.

  • If there is a malfunction of any equipment, or should the equipment become unsafe, the customer shall immediately notify Nuthin But Fun. If such condition is the result of normal operation, Nuthin But Fun will repair or replace the equipment. Nuthin But Fun has no obligation to repair or replace rendered inoperable by misuse or neglect.

  • If equipment is damaged while in the possession of the renter, the customer shall be liable for all damages to or loss of equipment. Customer shall pay Nuthin But Fun the reasonable cost of repair, or the cost to replace damaged item if the item is deemed unrepairable. A damage waiver can be purchased that will protect the customer incurring these expenses.

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